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Real Estate Services

Management and Evaluation of Legal Risk in a Real Estate Investment Strategy in Mexico

  • Control Risk

  • Agrarian

  • Environmental

  • Amparo and Litigation


- Risk Control

1. Investment's Legal Analysis for Real Estate Decisions in Mexico
2. Real Estate Due Diligence: To measure risks and opportunities in projects and investment transactions;
3. Judgments Analysis, liens and any legal obligation affecting the property and that are still pending.
4. Real Estate Contracts, Social Structures and Co-Investment for tourism development, hotel, residential and industrial;
5. Attorney aspects, registration and title research;
6. Land use: urban, tourist, residential and industrial.
7. Permits management and approvals for the development of real estate projects.

- Agrarian
1. Due Diligence Agrarian: Analysis for purchase and use of common lands;
2. Advice and representation in real estate transactions and land into the agrarian system of public lands;
3. Return of land, forests and waters;
4. Assistance in Agrarian Assemblies;
5. Representation administrative procedures to Agrarian Authorities.

- Environmental
1. Analysis and determination of environmental regulation that affects the planning and development of real estate, tourism and industry, for evaluation the decisions of responsibilities in this issues;
2. POELs Linking and / or the PDDUs Poets;
3. Environmental Impact and Land Use Change.

- Amparo and Litigation
1. Protection and Agricultural Procedures to determine the legal ownership of public lands and agricultural lands;
2. Nullity Judgments for non-agricultural duties;
3. Conflicts of common land tenure and agricultural estates;
4. Land boundary disputes.

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